Site Specific Certification

There are many elements that affect the performance of a steel building from the structural integrity of the engineering through to the construction process.  

At THE Shed Company Bundaberg we understand that every site around Australia is completely unique with its combination of wind region, topography, terrain, site conditions and building classifications. This is why our buildings are designed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Shed Safe® regulations and tailored to suit the site design criteria.

When you purchase a steel building from THE Shed Company Bundaberg you can be rest assured that you are gaining a structurally calculated building specific to your site. 

What is Site Specific Engineering? 

Site specific engineering is dual focused. Firstly, we concentrate on a comprehensive site assessment to map out a design suited specifically to your property. This involves how we classify the building, its level of importance on your site, and make calculations based on wind region, topography, terrain and shielding.

THE Shed Company Bundaberg will take this information and process it all to design a steel structure suitable for your site and requirements. Once the design has been finalised, our qualified engineer will assess and approve the building based on the supplied site documentation.

Our qualified team at THE Shed Company Bundaberg will then provide you with the detailed engineering calculations that reference your project and site. These documents contain the relevant information to be put forward to your local council for their consideration and ultimate approval or let our experienced team take care of council for you. 

How Long Does The Process Take?

THE Shed Company Bundaberg prides itself on offering you a quick turnaround time frame, with its flexible design and engineering software systems making it a seamless process. Typically, we can provide you with site specific certification within 48 hours. 

What is Topography? How Does This Affect The Design Process? 

By definition, topography measures the features of the earth from height to shape, such as mountains or rivers on an area of land. Highlighting the lowlands, highlands and the mountainous areas of your Queensland site will ensure that your structure has the appropriate wind rating to withstand a weather event.

Australia is divided into four main wind regions based on the maximum wind speed during peak storm activity. Our team can design for Region A sites as well as cyclonic zones where additional engineering is required.